Childcare Center in Niseko

About Niseko Kids Club

Located on-site at the world-famous Hanazono Niseko Ski Resort, you can drop off your child at a safe and fun childcare center and step out the door, and hit the slopes. Niseko Kid Club & Babysitters is an international childcare center that caters to children from infants to 12 years old.

Niseko Kids Club works closely with Ski Schools to facilitate transitions for ski lessons. Our snow program helps children become snow-aware in creative ways through science and other programs. We build a foundation of understanding the snow environment by teaching about snow safety, awareness of snow gear, and how to responsibly enjoy nature through tailoring experiences and building an everlasting love for Niseko’s world-renowned powder snow!

Our Philosophy

At Niseko Kid’s Club we believe in providing an environment that allows children to learn by being curious, being creative and being critical thinkers. Our approach to teaching is not restricted to one education method; we incorporate the best of them all in our unique curriculum. We believe that individuality should be encouraged, and we modify our activities according to the interests and skills of the children.

Nature is an important factor in child development so children can play outside, and natural materials are brought inside for craft and sensory exploration. We form a partnership with our children, where our teachers, caregivers and children can learn together in a safe and fun environment.

Who should attend Niseko Kids Club:

  • 12 months to 3 years of age Most ski schools only accept over 3 years of age.
  • Children who still wear a nappy/diaper Most ski schools will only accept children who are fully out of diapers and using the toilet regularly.
  • Rest Day let’s face it, a full day on the slopes can be overwhelming for first timers and exhausting for others throwing in a rest day can keep everyone happy
  • Art/Learning Lovers Not everyone has an innate love for the snow. For those who prefer an interactive learning environment, Niseko Kid’s Club is the place to help them reach their potential while having a great time.
  • First Timer Snow Goers Our programs help teach children about weather, snow, and ease them comfortably into their new snow environment. We put emphasis on helping teach children about becoming independent in learning about their snow gear.

Our Team

Yasuha Tada
Yasuha Tada@niseko kid’s Club
Natsumi Daigo
Natsumi Daigo@niseko kid’s Club
Maika Fujita
Maika Fujita@niseko kid’s Club
Eri Onoda
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