We prioritize the safety and well-being of all children under our care. To ensure adequate supervision and attention for each child, we adhere to the following babysitting ratio policy:

  1. Standard Ratio: The standard babysitter-to-child ratio is 1 babysitter for every 4 children. This ratio allows our babysitters to provide attentive care and supervision to all children in their care while maintaining a safe and nurturing environment.
  2. Special Consideration for Younger Children: For children aged 2 years and under, we implement a stricter ratio of 1 babysitter for every 2 children. Younger children require more hands-on care and supervision, and this ratio ensures that their needs are met effectively.
  3. Safety First: Our babysitting ratios are designed to prioritize safety and quality care for every child. We adhere strictly to these ratios to maintain a high standard of service and ensure the well-being of all children.