Staff will do their best to keep the daycare center clean and tidy. The children have the freedom to make a mess but they are expected to help with clean-up time; whether it be finishing up with crafts, or putting away the toys. 

  • Staff will put on the clean-up music and encourage the children to clean up and put things away. 
  •  We use only natural products to clean our toys and surfaces, and avoid all harmful chemicals. 
  • All kitchen and table surfaces will be wiped after food preparation times. 
  • Children will wash their hands with a natural soap solution before and after food preparation time. 
  • Staff will wash their hands, tie back their hair and put on an apron before serving lunch. 
  • Each day toilets and sinks will be cleaned, surfaces will be dusted and floors vacuumed. 
  • Linen and washcloths will be washed daily after use. 
  • Toys will be sterilized once a week – on a rotational basis.